The word “Yoga” from sanskrit means union between body and mind, this discipline is not only spiritual but also physical. It has a lot of benefits.

  • The “pranayama” or yogic breathing: decreases stress levels, relieves anxiety, improves hearth functioning, reduces muscles swelling, improves life quality, fights depression, reduces chronic pains, promotes good sleeping, relieves migraines.
  • The “asanas” or poses improve flexibility and balance, which also work up muscles.

At the sea level

Well, if you´re a Yoga enthusiast you have relished all these benefits. But, have you ever practiced it on the beach?

  • It is magical… isn´t it?
  • It´s like a dream practicing yoga on the sand and even more amazing is when you do it on a beach in Costa Rica.
  • Being surrounded of real tropical nature and fresh air from the ocean brings extra benefits to your body and mind.
  • Besides, you can challenge yourself, and deepen your poses.
  • You recover faster.

yoga en costa rica

 The best place to practice it in costa rica

Playa Hermosa from Playa Santa Teresa is the answer. While you stay at Perfect Sunset School you can practice different types of Yoga.

  • Vinyasa or flow yoga which is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together moving from one to another, flawlessly, using breath.
  • Sridaiva, it means “divine destiny” in Sanskrit, it is a type of Hatha yoga based on a new postural system that emphasizes the body’s natural curves.

Extra Benefits You Get

  • Enhancing your creativity, when you exercise outside you stimulate the hippocampus cells which are in charge of creativity and problem solving.
  • You also increase your relaxation since you are surrounded and commune with nature instead of walls and concrete.
  • The sea air influences serotonin that makes you feel even more relaxed.
  • It gives a huge boost in Vitamin D, it´s essential for regulating the calcium and phosphate in your body, you mainly get it from the sun, but you´ll also feel the benefits in a cloudy day.

Wanna cool off? let´s surf!

At the end of your routine there´s nothing better than head to the surf to cool off a little or simply relax on the sand to continue soaking up the benefits of being outdoors.

At Perfect Sunset School you can experience these awesome activities both combined; surf and yoga.

Book now and feel great!