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White sand beaches straight out of a tropical dream, waterfalls, wildlife amongst lush rainforests, and exciting activities make Costa Rica an excellent destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a surfing camp.

Playa Hermosa from Santa Teresa has warm water all year round, empty lineups, and ideal conditions for those who want to catch their first wave or skilled surfers who wish to explore new horizons.

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Our Surfing Camp Costa Rica

We love the Costa Rican surf, offering warm tropical water and clean waves for all levels of surfers. Our surfing camp in Costa Rica is located in front of the beach, and just a short walk away from Playa Hermosa in Santa Teresa, which is overflowing with great waves where we run most of our surf lessons in learner-friendly waves. More experienced surfers can surf world-class waves like the shallow sunset reff, the beach breaks la Lora, or the crazy suck rock.

Surf Camp

Surfing camp in Costa Rica:

  • Beach break is located 5 min walk from the school.
  • Surfing lessons are scheduled at your convenience. (8 hours lesson per week)
  • Surfboards are at your disposal outside surf lessons.
  • No more than 3 people per session.
  • Instructor with more than 15 years of experience.
  • One of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, with perfect conditions for beginners and intermediate surfers.
  • Surfing lessons 2hs per day from Monday to Thursday.
  • Relaxing beach without surf crowd

Our Surfers’ physical preparation:

Surfing is a sport that demands a great deal of energy from the surfer. So, you’ll need a high cardiovascular capacity to face more challenging conditions. But on the other hand, while going for a run every day will help you endure longer or harder sessions, it won’t help your surfing techniques get better.

To surf better, you’ll first have to make your body capable of adapting to all the positions that surfing requires. Perhaps through what is known as functional training for surfing. But we just want to clarify that you’ll never be able to turn the top of the wave with full speed and fluidity if you can’t squat deep in a room.

  • Mobility exercises.
  • Cardiovascular exercise.
  • Strength exercises.
  • Technique exercises.
  • Tactical exercises.
  • Cardiovascular capacity.
  • The strength in the legs.
  • The strength resistance in the shoulder girdle (shoulder area).
  • Stabilizing muscles of the trunk and back.

Depending on your level and the type of surfing you do or aim to achieve, you will exercise some structures and others of your body. Think for a moment.

It’s not the same to make a turn in a wave with strength and power as a turn in calm conditions or in the wave section that your level allows you (flatter areas of the wave).

Hermosa Beach is 5 minutes away from Perfect Sunset School and is perfect for beginners.

Our Surf camp is located just in front of the beach, so you can wake up and check the waves from your room drinking a coffee.

In addition, 8 hours of lessons each week guarantees students will become quickly acclimated with essential surfing skills. You will indeed feel the unmistakable sensation of riding a wave by the first week’s end.

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You will feel at home, meet new people, discover beautiful nature, and learn more about the culture and how we Costa Ricans enjoy PURA VIDA. Our surf camp is in front of the beach and surrounded by a nature reserve. Our unique location gives us privacy and the best ocean view.

Our surf, freediving, and yoga school are famous for providing personalized classes with incredible experiences. Our staff in Perfect Sunset School has one essential task: Share their love and knowledge about Costa Rican culture and mental and physical wellness.

In order to do the surfing and free diving activities you must sign our liability waiver during the Check in.

White water vs Riding a wave

I can tell you from experience that it’s not difficult to stand up on the white water in just one class. However, riding a wave is a different challenge. It requires discipline, practice, and patience. For this reason, lessons at The Perfect Sunset School are structured so that every student builds the necessary skills to leave, having achieved the incredible sensation of riding a wave.

In our Surf camp in Costa Rica, you can learn how to surf at the hands of our staff. Enjoy your unforgettable vacation by waking up and looking at the beautiful Pacific that offers perfect waves, surrounded by a Natural Reserve, wildlife, and a friendly environment.

Wanna know more about our unique and magical experience? Let´s talk about your next adventure in Santa Teresa.


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