The fractal experience 

Our focus 

 The Knowledge Method Fractal Music designed by Patricio Torres is a new way that allows you as a student to apply all the knowledge and skills that you already have, thus you can open even more the doors of your imagination. You do not need to have knowledge of music to participate in our courses in Costa Rica. 

 With the Fractal® Music system you will strengthen your ability not only to play but also to communicate with one or more instruments, reconnect with your ancestral musician through numerical/symbolic patterns, practices and games. Fractal Music integrates the philosophy of nature and the musical language from the fractals that are in it. 

Music is an element that completes our soul, and Costa Rica an ideal environment for help us understand it. 

The key is in the fractals 

 Fractals are natural and mathematical phenomena that self-reproduce, repeat themselves same in different scales of size, shape, colors and time. Fractals abound in nature and can be seen in the leaves, branches, and roots of a tree, the proportions of the human body, the course of the rivers and the form of many living beings or elements in the nature. Learning music in Costa Rica with Perfect Sunset School and surrounded by natural elements will make you live an incredible, unique experience. 

You will learn music as a natural process 

The Fractal Music method works by increasing your levels of consciousness through the real contact with the nature of which you are a part. We leave aside the rigid schemes that have been imposed arbitrarily. This is how we achieve that our students become musicians who improvise, compose and experiment. 

More than learning music 

 As a student you will be able to acquire new skills by musicalizing what you already know, you will enhance your intellectual abilities, of learning, self-knowledge, empathy, creative thinking, management of tensions, management of emotions and feelings, among others. 

The more than 3000 students of Fractal Music ® have shown a high degree of interest in Developing their learning, enhancing in the musician’s research, art, and science, thus the method is characterized because it has been created to promote the motivation in the development of your own talents. 

Fractal Music World has become a community of people who in a harmonious way have enhanced their talents through the Fractal, the philosophy of nature and the ethnomathematics, for a better understanding of your ancestral musician. 

And more than learning to play one or several instruments, with practice you will be able to improvise, compose and integrate your multiple intelligences. The next step to acquire or improve your skills in music is to join Perfect Sunset School in Costa Rica and the tribe of Fractal Music World … 

Its only up to you!!! 

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