in Costa Rica

Increase your life and health performance in general.

What is freediving in Costa Rica?

This course is not only designed for those who are willing to increase their performance, but also for anybody who is willing to improve health and life in general

During this experience, we will take you through an amazing journey into the world of breathing and breath holding

This course will give you a deeper understanding of what the human body and mind go through when underwater on a single breath.

We will go through simple yet incredibly effective exercises and methods that will deliver physical and mental adaptations.

Join in this course will open the doors of the amazing world of Breath Holding, and all the benefits that come with it.

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Benefits of the Freediving course

  • Development of Self-awareness & Self control
  • Body & mind resiliency
  • Breath awareness & breath control
  • Increase of confidence and confort in underwater situations
  • The real power of skilful breathing
  • Increased performance in any physical and mental activity through a better understanding of breathing as a life skill

An experience inspired by elite free divers and high-performance surfers, Perfect Sunset freediving  team will give you the tools to strengthen your body but, most important, your mind!

Mental strength, willpower, a positive mindset, you name it, all these life skills can be forged and nurtured, become stronger.

In the end, it’s a way of thinking, behaving, a way of being.

Are you ready to go to the MIND GYM?

Topics covered

  • Building stronger and healthier lungs
  • Dive reflex, urge to breath
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing exercises, apnea training methods
  • Static breath hold
  • Breath hold journey

This program include

  • Organized shuttle from San Jose Airport to the school (the very safe company the school work with for many years).
  • 7 nights’ accommodation in private or shared room in our amazing lodge in front of the beach (sheets included and changed 3 times a week as well as the cleaning).
  • We are located in a natural protected area.
  • Swimming pool with ocean view.
  • 7 Breakfast included.
  • 5 Dinners included (Monday to Friday).
  • Free coffee every morning.
  • Drinking water.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, you can eat in our restaurant or we also go to town to different restaurants.
  • Private bath, fans, a/c, wi-fi, ping pong table, chill out area, hammocks.
  • Surf survival.

  • Introduction to performance breathing techniques used by elite free divers and big wave surfers
  • Longer breath holds guaranteed
  • The importance of mind-body connection for surfing performance
  • Real life situations in a controlled environment
  • Gain confident, relaxation and feel comfortable underwater
  • Theory session
  • Breathing for surfing performance techniques
  • Pool session: Static apnea and underwater simulation
  • Extra: Basics for proper surf-oriented workout
  • 2hs surf lessons per day. 4 times a week. (add USD 230)
  • Surfing boards at your disposal the full week (you can use it outside the lessons for free, the beach break is only 5 minutes’ walk)

Because of our location, you will have privacy and you will be surrounded for full of nature.

Tour to Montezuma Waterfalls (usually on Friday) add usd50

We love to spend time with our students and we do a lot of activities together like barbecues at the beach, going to different restaurants, private events at our beach front lodge.

You will be in touch with many local people

Pura Vida !!!


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