Over the years, Freediving has become more and more popular all over the world. Freedom, relaxation, and tranquility are often highlighted as reasons to practice it.

Our freediving courses is not just a sport or water activity that involves holding your breath. It is an exercise that helps you to work your body, and your mind improves your concentration and gives you well-being and peace.

Discover all our Freediving courses in Costa Rica. We are 100% sure this sport will offer you a lot of surprises.


Freediving Courses

Those who practice apnea assure you that it improves your ability to make decisions, prepares you to better handle crises, or gives you greater confidence in yourself. And it teaches you to breathe better.

Apnea for Surfers

Apnea for Surfers

This course is not only designed for those who are willing to increase their performance, but also for anybody willing to improve health and life in general. During this experience, we will take you on an amazing journey into the world of breathing and breath-holding.

This course will give you a deeper understanding of what the human body and mind go through when underwater with a single breath. We will go through simple yet incredibly effective exercises and methods that will deliver physical and mental adaptations.

Join the freediving courses in Costa Rica experience. We will open the doors to the amazing world of Breath Holding, and all the benefits that come with it.

Freediving in Costa Rica is a training that is not limited only to professional swimmers. Although these athletes are the ones who use it relatively frequently to improve their lung capacity and venous return, over time it has been included in various routines.

Our students must be always relaxed. It’s not advisable to train after a hard day at work or under stress.

The ideal way to practice is to take a relaxed breath of air a couple of times in the most natural way possible before submerging ourselves under the water. Don’t try to breathe too many times in a row as this will trick your body into feeling it has too much oxygen.

You should not train alone. It is recommended that we have a partner or a team of experts by our side who can help us in case there is a problem.

Breathing Class

Breathing techniques are a safe, natural, and quick method to change the response of the autonomic nervous system. Most of us operate in mode automatic.

Oxygen is an essential element for our body to function properly since it is involved in most of its processes, including the transformation of food into energy.

There is a direct relationship between breathing and our physical condition: if the first is done properly, the second will stay healthy.

Our freediving courses in Costa Rica includes breathing classes.

Breathing Class

Provides greater strength and health to the lungs. With good breathing, lung capacity is improved, preventing the body from respiratory diseases.


Increases the vitality of the heart. Breathing deeply and slowly increases the efficiency of cardiac functions, preventing us from possible deficiencies.


Increases the number of red blood cells. Good oxygenation provides adequate conditions to produce a greater amount of blood and with this, to be able to easily eliminate toxins.

Breath Holding Training

Improve the strength of the muscles involved in taking a breath. An increased lung capacity will hugely help physical abilities and effectiveness of taking a breath.

Breathing properly is important even at rest or when we sleep because restful sleep also depends on it.  It is essential to pay attention and care to our breathing to be sure to do it correctly and thus guarantee the performance of our body at all times of our day.

Empower your breathing with our Freediving in Costa Rica courses and practice new ways of performing when you’re swimming.


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