Breath holding training

Join us in the world of breath holding and improve your health.

We offer classes every Wednesday at 3pm.

Classes last approximately 1 hour and a half and we focus on freediving training, breathing techniques and breath hold that improve your quality of life by 100%

surfers should learn freediving

What are the benefits?

1) To have the lung capacity of a whale

Improve the strength of the muscles involved in taking a breath. An increased lung capacity will hugely help physical abilities and effectiveness of taking a breath. This will allow a better absorption and elimination of gas.

2) Increase your cardio strength

Increasing cardio strength increases the ability to breathe better, especially under stress. The diaphragm muscle is of utmost importance to maintain a high-level of performance, in and out of the ocean.

Breath Training can change the thickness of the Diaphragm. This means you will have a better ability of breath control when under any stress.

3) Perform better, recover faster!

Breath training places a lot of emphasis on breath control and this has an effect of creating a steady heartbeat. Controlling your breath and heartbeat allows control of the nervous system and the emotion center of the brain. This minimises energy wastage when stress is increased.  Through controlled breathing and guided mental focus, training your breath allows the body to experience a ‘healing state’, decreasing your breathing to 1-5 cycles/minute with complete comfort. This state is known as parasympathetic state which is a must for deep recovery and feeling rejuvenated.

4) The mental game

Besides the physical changes that takes place to allow an extended breath hold, mental strength and confidence dramatically improves, which is a fantastic attribute when dealing with surfing wipeouts, hold downs and scenarios which see you struggling for the surface.

5) Decrease Stress

The first thing to change when under stress is breathing, as it creates a number of imbalances, in particular, the heart rate and heart bio-rhythms. Under stress, a higher heart rate results in higher brainwave activities. This significantly reduces cognitive processes, potentially resulting in anxiety and unclear thinking, ineffective memory recall, disruptive behavior and a gradual decline in hormonal balance. B.H.T (Breath Holding Training) teaches the most effective ‘natural’ way to deal with stress.

Freediving in Costa Rica
Freediving in Costa Rica

6) Increase your anaerobic threshold

Athletic performance is largely governed by anaerobic threshold – meaning the ability to perform at a high level when your activity rate increases.

7) Handle higher levels of Carbon Dioxide

Increasing levels of toxic carbon dioxide in the body are brought about by either physical exertion and/or mental stress and they both have an immediate effect on breathing. It can create lactic acid build up within the muscles and higher acidity within the blood. To improve our tolerance to this, components of the Breath Training rapidly increase levels of carbon dioxide over short, safe periods of time, ensuring the body can adapt and a greater tolerance results.

Ability to deal with stress whether physical or mental is greatly enhanced. Breath training will improve the way in which oxygen is released from hemoglobin as it is transported around the body and decreases the chances of excess carbon dioxide build up within the tissues, creating an acidic environment where oxygen will not be readily absorbed into the blood.

8) Increase Oxygen in the body

Practiced enough, the training will see a bunch of crazy chemical processes enhanced, which will increase the amount of oxygen available to the blood.

9) Increase your immune system

Breath training increases oxygenation of cells and strengthening of the immune system hugely. The benefits come about in the same way that muscle strengthening comes from weight training workouts. For a moment the cells will be weakened by the training, but they quickly adapt.

Many respiratory related diseases, viruses and bacteria, even the likes of cancer do not survive in a highly oxygenated body, so your susceptibility to them taking hold can be dramatically reduced.


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