Andy Irons: Kissed by God is a film about bipolar disorder and opioid addiction as seen through the life of three-time world champion surfer Andy Irons. Andy struggled with the same demons that millions of people worldwide battle with daily.

Andy was an incredible presence on the world stage as the “People’s Champion.” He was the pride of Hawaii and revered around the world for his blue collar rise to fame and success. However, many were unaware of the internal battles that led to his demise.

As the opioid crisis rises to a national emergency in the United States, the untold story of Andy’s life serves to tear down the myths associated with these two ferocious diseases.

You can watch the movie on September 8th at 8pm at Perfect Sunset School.  It will be the first time for the Andy Irons movie in Costa Rica! We will open doors at 6pm for sunset and at 8pm Andy Irons Movie!!!!

If you would like to buy tickets you can do it here . Price C6000 with popcorn.

So stoked to have the opportunity to show the movie to our comunity in Santa Teresa.

Thanks Teton Gravity! and see everyone on September 8th.

Gustavo Merlino

Gustavo, Perfect Sunset School CEO and director. I create the school to show our students a life change experience in Costa Rica. I love surfing and teaching languages... We are more than lessons.

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