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CEO Director.

Gustavo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During his childhood and adolescence, he was very enthusiastic about sports and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the Latin culture. In 2001, he became internationally certified as a lifeguard and was a competing member of the national Argentinean high diving team. Gustavo completed his university studies at Universidad Abierta Interamericana in Buenos Aires graduating with honors and a degree in Tourism.

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He was born and raised in Costa RIca, He is calm, honest, and faithful. Many think of him as a very trustworthy, reliable, and kind person.

He is very mellow. He likes outdoor activities, making new friends and connecting with people. Also, He is a sensitive and nice person, and He likes to help those in need.

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Cleaning service

She is a very kind, trustworthy and cordial person. She has been helping us for several years to keep Perfect Sunset beautiful and clean. She is always willing to help and speak Spanish with the students.
She loves to dance and listen to music. It is very interesting to know her history and since she does not speak English you can ask her and practice Spanish

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You might wonder how to keep a place in the jungle habitable when nature is just doing its raw and wild things. Ask Alex! As our gardener he is bringing a nice and habitable surrounding to the hostel! You will not find yourself wiping out on some wet leaves and fallen palm branches will be gone before you notice. Thanks to Alex the place stays just the right amount of wild and the right amount of “aaah, nice”! When he is not taking care of the jungle garden you can find him hanging out with his friends on the beach.

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House Maintenance

It takes a whole team to run a place right by the jungle because nature doesn’t stop at the doorstep. To make the Perfect Sunset Hostel a safe and comfortable accommodation, Marvin is a central part of the equation. Marvin has grown accustomed to the place and its surroundings in the past ten years and can help with (nearly) everything. In his free time he likes to spend time with his family.

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Spanish Teacher

She is our Spanish teacher and will make sure you leave this place with more than an “hola, qué tal?” She is a true sunshine, super friendly and has a lot of patience. Born and raised in Costa Rica, she lives in Cobano, not far from Santa Teresa.
She studied human resources and is currently studying spanish education as a foreign language. She loves to teach people the Pura Vida lifestyle. With her 3 children she loves to spent time at the beach and watch sunsets.

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Sonia is our angel in the kitchen! After a long session of surf there is nothing more desired than a big plate of flavour rich food and Sonia will make sure you get it!

Originally, Sonia is from Nicaragua and has been working at Perfect Sunset for over a year now. She is a very lovely, honest and respectful person. She always has a smile on her face and is happy to have a chat in Spanish with you as part of your learning experience. In her free time she loves to listen to music, work out and go to the beach.

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Head surf instructor

As a lot of beginner and intermediate surfers come to stay at Perfect Sunset, they want to improve their skills out in the water. Juan is our surf instructor and he will make sure you feel safe and supported out in the sets of waves. From theoretical explanations by the beach, to quick adjustment tips in the water to a celebrating high five after you successfully took your wave – Juan is there for you! As a born and raised Tico he knows the area and the surf location really well. He has already been a kind, open-minded surf instructor at Perfect Sunset for 3 years and is happy to listen to your needs and wishes for your time out in the salty blue.

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Surf instructor

If you ever wanted to see the impersonated “Pura Vida”, wait till you meet our surf instructor Pipi! He is always up to crack some jokes and give you a big high five after a good wave. But it’s not all fun and play, he will also make sure to find the things you can improve out in the water and work on them with you. He has been a surf instructor for 2 years at perfect sunset and he has a passion for Reggaeton.

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Time to meet the most chill and most free dog you have ever met! Say hi to Guaity! She is our hostel spirit animal teaching you the Pura Vida lifestyle. She joins you for a walk at the beach and welcomes you when you get to the hostel. She is super friendly and quiet. Just makes the place feel more like home.

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Ready to get wild? Well you don’t need to yourself but just watch our wild thang Iris hunt down spiders, moths and geckos around the place. The rest of the time you will find her chill at the bar showing off her Pura Vida mindset. You can approach her for a cuddle  but be ready for a round of play as well 🙂

About Spanish School in Costa Rica Perfect Sunset School

The Perfect Sunset School was founded by Gustavo Merlino in Playa Hermosa from Santa Teresa Beach,Puntarenas, who created the school to share his two strongest passion, surfing and Latin culture.

In 2009, Gustavo opened The Perfect Sunset School—a place he established to be unique and unequivocal. Here, not only will you find someone to guide you through your journey with the Spanish language, surfing, you’ll also find a friend and a gateway into the Latin culture as it was meant to be experienced.

While feeling at home, meeting new people, discovering the beautiful nature, learning more about the culture and the way Costa Rican people enjoy the PURA VIDA!

Our Spanish School and Surf camp is located in front of the beach and surrounded by a natural reserve. We have a unique location that give us privacy and the best ocean view ever!

Perfect Sunset School is not an industrial surf camp. Here you will change the way you see life.

Our surf camp and Spanish school is famous for providing great accommodation and amazing surf and Spanish experience, but more than anything Perfect Sunset School staff have one major goal; to enthusiastically share our love and knowledge about Costa rican culture, Spanish language and surfing!

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